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Dave Huff has been entertaining bar and festival crowds since 1996 although his musical roots extend back much farther than that.  A Detroit Music Awards nominee, Dave currently lives in Albuquerque where he is reprising a southwest version of the Trust - stay tuned for show dates.

Dave's style and original music reflects a wide variety of genres and no two songs sound the same on Dave's first CD release, Hey Folks!

Hey Folks! is an anthology of Dave's experiences as an observer of and participant in life. His lyrics tend to lament inconsistencies in human behavior and the careful listener will find that they portray an underlying confidence in our basic goodness.

As a performer, Dave likes to let the music represent itself, and whether he is playing solo, with his wife Laura or with the band, gigs are packed with music that is relevant to the day and honest in its past.

Artists who have been significantly influential to Dave include: Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Gordon Lightfoot, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer, Sister Hazel, Rob Thomas and Johnny Cash. When you see him playing out, you will hear his renditions of songs from these artists (and many others) peppered throughout the night...go on and make a request. Dave is not proud - or smart - so he'll take a shot at anything and hope that you'll enjoy it.

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